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What is Emasculation?

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3/21/30 6:06 PM

According to the English lexicon, emasculation is the deprivation of a man's masculinity, his manhood and his power, leaving him impotent of identity and expression. The fall of patriarchy is a breach of promises and a cancellation of male privileges for its loyal foot soldiers. Masculinity, as it has been cultivated by patriarchy, is a female centered reality. A man is measured and admired by the beauty, submission, and loyalty of his woman, and the degree of control he has over her. She becomes the major value of his male reality. Her satisfying behavior is what assures him of his masculinity. He is willing to accept all of the stressful roles of breadwinner, husband, father and good citizen as long as his woman behaves in direct accord with his every wish and command. He is so engrossed with his beautiful woman and material possessions that he becomes numb to his own existence. His reality has a purely external foundation. His soul plays no part in his individual reality. Because the man is only conscious of his woman as the center of his male reality, he is completely ignorant to the fact that she has a female reality also. This selfish disregard for the reality of his woman leads to spiritual differences, which follows into emotional differences. Eventually the woman discovers that she has agreed to become his woman at the expense of her own freedom. Love loses it foundation of the relationship and becomes replaced by the foundation of economics. As long as he work and supports his woman all is expected to be well at his castle. This male privileged logic blinds the man of the true condition of his relationship with his woman. Her behavior of submission and loyalty loses it reward and unhappiness plagues her like an epidemic. Now the man's central support; symbol of his manhood, and foundation of his reality is in jeopardy. Emasculation germinates into a bacterium. When he comes home his dinner is not hot and ready and his woman is not present to greet him with all those sweet names and charming caresses that echo his masculinity. Instead she is at the salon getting her nails done. This breach in behavior deserves consequences, or rather punishment according to masculine logics. It is a must that the man gains control of his woman's behavior so that his masculinity remains empowered. Aggression is so natural to the male's reptilian brain that he can't resist the use of physical force. He strikes his woman in rage and the adrenaline rush of masculine control surges though his nervous system like steroids of a professional athlete. Those moments of masculine prowess are soon counter by the emasculation of metal bracelets; a free ride in the back seat of a squad car, and the uncomfortable stay of a public hotel. The ride to the hotel with hands fastened behind the back engenders a feeling of inferiority and impotence that fuels emasculation from a bacterium to a virus. The man's woman has violated his masculinity. She has exercised power above his power. The police are now officially her watch dogs. And she can summon them at the mere dial of 911. The man's masculinity and male reality will never be the same. His impotence takes toll in his everyday activities. He struggles to go to work and he is too tired to go to the gym to exercise after work. The local bar becomes a home away from home and alcohol becomes a bandage for his masculine wounds. The man's woman centered reality can only be addressed by a woman. This desperate need to save his masculinity and male reality leads to infidelity. Infidelity is not an act to be taken for granted. It does not appreciate a clandestine rendezvous of intimate and sexual adventure in the closet. When the closet door is eventually opened infidelity takes the spotlight like a fashion model down the fashion runway. All hell breaks loose when the woman at home discovers the other woman. Emasculation progresses from a virus to a full fledged disease. The man comes home from work one day and the only thing in the house is the dog with a note tied around his neck, "Since you have a new woman I thought that I would make it a bit easier for her to move in right away;" signed, "The woman you use to have." When a man loses a woman he still loves and has continued to love for years, the center of his male reality implodes. He is deprived of meaning that reflects his masculinity. Never having been taught the difference between the patriarchal form of masculinity (dominance) and the human form of maleness (control), the male has no alternative reality to rely upon. Alcohol progresses from a bandage to an anesthesia, and the man loses consciousness of his male reality in favor of his imaginary reality. Too much time spent in the imaginary reality interferes with the job. And when alcohol follows the man to work the two realities collide. When the job is lost emasculation reaches malignancy and goes for the kill. No woman, no job, no house, no car, no friends and no life worth living! This is a more social version of emasculation where a man is deprived of his power, manhood and masculinity due to the karma of his own actions.

There lurks a much more devastating form of emasculation employed by the process of human evolution, which is designed and engineered to pave the way for the feminization process by destroying the organization of patriarchy, its foot soldiers, and its old paradigm of masculine expression. Aggression, suppression, war, competition, brute muscle force, etc. are no longer useful expressions in the evolving scheme of human destiny.

"All forms of manifestations are subject to self-destruction after they have completed their destined purpose."

This is a natural and perpetual pattern of Nature. All men who escape the destruction of Nature's tsunami of emasculation will become stronger and wiser men from the success of the struggle of survival. Masculinity is being transformed into a vanguard of femininity. The masculine nature of "maleness" (control) will represent self-control. Men must learn the art of controlling without controlling. Self mastery will transform men into Super Men. The only real need that Nature now has for men is the cultivation, security, support, love, welfare and well being of women and children. This new nurturing role and caring attitude is a mutation of the androgynous characteristics of the new male.

Whether emasculation is good or bad for a man will depend upon which side of the street of human evolution he will be standing when the process of feminization reaches full swing. I strongly recommend the feminine side - the side of love, peace, unity, harmony, liberty, integration, nurturance, passivity, cooperation, cohabitation, collaboration, creativity, spirituality and truth. Getting to the feminine side is not a matter of a simple stroll across the street. It is a complex process of human transformation. Men must be transformed by the spirit of God (the Omnipotent; the Supreme Architect; the Infinite Mind of Intelligence) into soul conscious human beings.

"We are approaching the era of human evolution where human destiny is in need of what Fredrick Wilhelm Nietzsche called the Over Man. And what I call Super Man! Not a man as strong as a locomotive; faster than a speeding bullet, who can leap over skyscrapers in a single bound, but a man who has discovered his soul as a hologram of God, and through total submission to the Will of God has become a god in the image of God!

Thus Spake the 21st Century Philosopher


The Omega Man