Discovering Divine Femininity as a Male Angel; creating equilibrium of masculine and feminine traits; developing balance of Eros (life drive) and Libido (sex drive) and liberating the Feminine Soul from suppression by the Masculine Ego.

Patriarchy has collapsed and forsaken the male as Male Privilege faces obsoletism!
In the wake of the patriarchal regime a Macho Monster is born call Emasculation; a cultural assault upon the male's masculinity, mind and reality... a Beast so fierce, stealth and silent it stalks the male psyche even as he sleeps, without warning whatsoever.

The Human Male is indeed an "Endangered Species!"
His masculinity, maleness, manhood and male reality are in serious jeopardy.
His femininity is culturally ignored, suppressed and publically degraded as the patriarchal description of what it means to be a man causes anxiety, stress, depression and harmful neglect of his emotional health, its development and emotional being.
The male's life drive (Eros) suffers a declining 'will to live' as his sex drive (Libido) suffers from sexual dissatisfaction.
Without maintaining healthy development and balance of Eros (life drive) and Libido (sex drive) a male's drive to live and drive for sex diminishes as Thanatos (death drive) initiates his destruction.
Out of 'patriarchal correctness' most men refuse to acknowledge the three elephants in the men's room – Marriage, Monogamy and Misogyny; yet they pretend to contend with such male miseries.
Patriarchal victimization of the male as a subject of aggression, suppression, subjugation and domination of the female has generated "Male Karma" that men share as "Group Karma;" a burdening yoke of consequential conduct that is transferable from generation to generation and life to life.
The ultimate alarm of the Endangered Species is the epidemic of Cultural Emasculation, Male Neurosis & Male Suicide!

Male Feminism is the offspring of Nu-Feminism - the philosophy of Spiritual Feminism, not a male offshoot of Mainstream Feminism.
The objective of Male Feminism is the salvation of the Male Angel; recovery from the "Fall;" discover his spiritual sovereignty of Immortality; self-evolve into an Immortal Human Angel, and Love & Serve women and children as a Guardian Human Angel!


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